Monday, 16 April 2018

Ship(s) Ahoy!!

As a club we tend not to take our games very seriously,and have a good laugh-last night broke all bounds of "normality"-I haven't laughed as much for ages!!!! Initially it was down to the Captains,Birdseye,Morgan,Pugwash and America,ie. Brian,Paul,Graham and Dave!!
Using my newly made ships and rules we launched(!!) ourselves into this new period/game with gusto!!

Paul and Dave's squadrons moving against Graham and Brian's-smooth sailing until.......

The dreaded protractor had to be used(for turning)-hilarious!!

Nearing the "crunch" both fleets are now in position to strike the opposition by ramming,shearing oars and/or meleeing-the rules were designed to be fast,furious and vicious-and they were!!-ships going down like nine-pins,and seafaring oaths galore!!-great stuff.

After a cup of coffee,we changed sides and Brian stood down so I could have a go!!
With a brilliant display of seamanship,I managed to get my "flag ship" sunk and the whole of one of my squadrons had to be taken off the board!!!-Brian is enjoying this!

Time out!! Paul and I were soundly beaten by Dave and Graham,who didn't gloat one bit(much!!!)
This was a very entertaining night,and I can see a future for the fleets-maybe a participation game at a show(??)
Dave has been painting some Russian Napoleonics-Hussars and command group.................

A "cracking" job,and based to perfection too.

Wonderful stuff-I can only look on in envy-well done Dave,now to get them onto the board!!!
I have planned a solo game for mid-week,a "modern" game which I know the purists out there will moan and groan at, but I will be using my own rules etc. and will be for my pleasure only!!


  1. Hi gents. Looking forward to seeing you all at Carronade. I have a question that I would like to email - could you possibly contact me on ?

  2. Job well done if you all had a laugh ;-)

    1. Hi Chris-my sides are still aching!!
      can't get any sense out of "boys" re. best date for to to come up-bloody hopeless!!I will be in touch soon though.

    2. No panic. In the meantime, I'll post you a list of my forces

    3. Chris,it's like trying to herd cats!!