Monday, 19 November 2018

Battle of Cheriton 1644

One word could describe last night's game_MARVELLOUS!!-it fell to the "fab four" of Graham,Brian,Paul and myself to fight this tense,nail-biting cracking game,as Dave couldn't make it.

Map,scenario and table before any movement-I was Hopton,Brian was Forth for the Royalists,whilst Graham was Balfour and Paul was Haselrigg for the Parliamentarians.

We're off!! despite the threat of my  battery on their flank,Graham's cavalry advance through the open woods!!

With my two batteries causing lots of casualties against Graham's cavalry and advancing infantry,things were looking good!!!(too good?)
Meanwhile,Brian and Paul were standing in their original positions-observing each other-although Paul's battery on the centre ridge was doing a bit of damage to Brian's infantry.

In this shot,I have advanced my cavalry against Graham's,and a ferocious battle developed over the next few moves-thrilling stuff!!

Paul and Brian were still content to let their infantry "observe" each other,but Paul is moving a regiment of cavalry over the river-sneaky devil!!-Brian moved a regiment to cover that move,but probably,in hindsight,(always a great thing!) it would have been better to use his ,now, numerical advantage and attack Paul's remaining cavalry!!

The two cavalry units facing each other across the river-who will react first??

Back on my flank,Graham is "ramping up" the pressure and is sending more and more troops through the woods,and is even moving an infantry regiment to capture my battery in"gunners Castle"-this is wargaming at its best!!

At last!! both infantries are now taking part-Paul's earlier success against Brian's with his guns would tell when "push" came to "shove"-in the foreground you can see Graham has sent a regiment against my other gun position and has carried it,but I am counter-attacking him-bloody marvellous gaming!!

My battery in "Gunners Castle" has been taken,and,even though my cavalry are giving Graham's cavalry a lesson in fighting(!) my hold on the flank is tenuous to say the least!

Brian's cavalry are beating Paul's cavalry on the ridge and across the river,but his infantry are taking a right old beating in the centre-perhaps it's time for an ordered withdrawal???

It was decided that the Parliamentarians had won the day,but that,with the troops we had left,we could withdraw,to fight another day!
This was a great game,with highs and lows for both sides,but wargaming was the real victor-well done to us all.
Roll on Saturday,when we will be at Stockton "Battleground" show.


  1. Excellent game as always. A joy to read the report.

    1. Hello Mike,good to hear from you,and glad you enjoyed the blog.The game was really good,proper tactics employed and lots of banter-couldn't have been better-well,perhaps if we had won,and not the Parliamentarians!