Friday, 30 November 2018

Preview game for Sunday 2.12.2018-Colonial.

We are putting on a Colonial game,based in the Sudan,on Sunday,and I thought a couple of photo's might get us in the mood!!

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom photo is the table from the Anglo/Egyptian side.

The table from the Dervish/Haddendowah side-we will pick sides on the night,hopefully there will be 5 of us-3 Dervish/Haddendowah, and 2 Anglo/Egyptian commanders.

The "hapless" look-out,upon whom the playability of the game depends!!!!
Roll on Sunday.


  1. Did you know I have a Poem about the Desert I will give another Recital on Sunday.
    Culture is sadly lacking in the Group.

  2. I agree Brian, and no doubt your fine attempt will be greeted with ridicule. Remember you cant educate pork.

  3. You are correct Brian.. we're starved of intellectual conversation having mainly to spend our time gasping for air or suffering jokes.. you are our equivalent of Sir Les Patterson. A gem !