Thursday, 15 November 2018

Game preview for Sunday 18th November.

I am not a great fan of re-fighting actual battles,for the obvious reason that most players will know the outcome,mistakes,tactical blunders etc.etc. but on Sunday I have decided to re-fight the battle of Cheriton 1644-English Civil War. because it is not so well known as the major battles.

Scenario and terrain map.

The table as the "boys" will see it on Sunday-Royalists on the left,Parliamentarians on the right.

"Gunners Castle" on the Royalist's left flank-although the position wasn't actually a Castle,I have shown it as such to prevent any cavalry attacks on it!!

The table from the Parliamentarian's right flank,showing the "open" woods.
We will pick sides on the night,and a full report should be "blogged" on Monday-looking forward to it!!


  1. My local battlefield - have walked it more than a few times!

    1. HI STG,I would appreciate any comments you have on the game and my "stylised" terrain,after we play the game on Sunday.