Monday, 17 December 2018

Battle of the Loire Valley 109AD.

Last night we had a 100% turnout for what turned out to be an epic struggle!

This is the scenario-I was in charge of the Legio Phoenix(red) and Paul and Graham were in charge of the Legio Nova(blue) whilst Dave and Brian were in command of the Barbarian hordes!!

Top photo is the Barbarian Hordes! middle photo is the magnificent Roman lines,bottom photo is the ill-fated auxiliary cohorts!!!
As over-all Roman commander I decided not to reinforce defeat,and left the Auxiliaries to their fate,however this prompted Paul's auxiliaries to desert "en masse"-oh how he laughed!!-NOT!

As Brian writes his orders,Dave has launched a massive attack on my Legion,with chariots,cavalry and warbands.

Gripping their pila tightly in their hands(well,they can't touch you for it!) my legion awaits the Barbarian onslaught.

Having successfully "dealt" with the Auxiliaries in the woods,Brian is now starting to attack Paul and Graham's line of cohorts!

In this shot,Dave has driven in my skirmishers,and is putting me under all kinds of pressure,however my cohorts are not giving ground-hurrah!!-but on the other flank,all kinds of hell,swearing and fighting is taking place.........................

This was "swings and roundabouts"-both sides fighting for their little lead lives!!-the Roman lines are still looking good though-which is more than can be said for my lines!!

My Legion is being cut to ribbons!!-the line of cohorts at the edge of the board are actually running away!!-I am in real trouble,and the flank is all but lost!

Paul and Graham are doing a grand job of giving Brian's warbands a right old battering-hurrah!!
With my flank lost,and Brian's flank lost,a draw was declared,although Brian insisted,that,if he would be allowed to use his "secret weapon",he could still win!!-this is his "secret weapon"........

No comment!!!!
Roll on next Sunday-a Marlburian game has been requested.
It was good to see our old mate Billy,who arrived shortly after we started-he was on a Christmas visit from way down south-we need to see more of you matey!!


  1. Thats a lovely game John with some fine looking Romans. Warrior by any chance? Ithink Brian deserved to be at least given a winning draw though. Have a great Christmas and keep the shoplifting to a minimum eh.

    1. Robbie,Romans and 99% of the Barbarians are cast by myself and painted by myself,from Prince August moulds-most of the cavalry are from Lancashire games.
      Have a great Christmas,to John and Neil too.

  2. Brian got what a good barbarian deserved.. nowt ha ha have a great Xmas. Look forward to York show and more of your comments!! Well..some of them

  3. Paul,Have you been at the Xmas sherry??