Monday, 2 December 2019

Battleground Show-Stockton 2019.

On Saturday,we packed our passports and headed south to Stockton to take part in the Battleground show,presented by Pendraken(Leon and family) to their usual very high standard.
We put on a demo. game of  the battle of the Little Big Horn,featuring Reno's rout and Custer's last stand-and we all felt we did a good job,and enjoyed the show.
I will let the photo's do the talking,keeping the text to a minimum(if possible) so you get a flavour of the show.

Just setting the game up-Paul and Graham talking to Kenny from Falkirk.

Our end-of-table display-keep your eye on the War Bonnet!!

Two general views of the hall-over 30 traders and countless demo/participation games,and at ten o'clock the doors were thrown open and over 500 "punters" swept into the hall!!

Top photo shows a man doing some kind of Hitler salute(only kidding!!) bottom photo shows even more eager participants showing interest in the weapons,books etc. that we had in our display!!

We had loads of excited children wanting to try on the War Bonnet!!

Big and small,boys and girls,and then,of course,you get the nuisance "adult" with "please mister,can I try it on?-go on please,please,I want to try it on!"-Oh go on then.....................

Anything to get rid of him!!(Minnie bloody Ha Ha!)

Herkybird taking careful aim-you need to lower the sights if you want to hit Graham's head!!!
It's always good to see old friends and make new ones at these shows,that's what it's all about(I always thought the Hokey Cokey was what it's all about!)
There were some great games presented,showing alot of imagination and creativity-long may it continue-well done to all who put games on!

The climax of our game-top photo shows Reno and Benteen being assailed on their hill,bottom photo shows the demise of Custer and his command!(Brian doesn't look too happy-did you expect to see Custer win this one???)
All in all, another great show,roll on next year!.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I hope you don't mind - I copied your pic of me onto my blog report with a link here!

  2. Great to see you boys :-) Chris

    1. Chris,and you too-will be thinking of you on 10th,best wishes,

  3. Always good to see you guys, glad to hear that you had a good day!


    1. Hi Leon.always a good show,don't know how you do it,but long may it continue,cheers from us all.

    2. A lot of hours and a lot of prep, but it's always worth it!