Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Battle of "Victoria Junction" 1896.

Better late than never,our battle last Sunday was based in the Sudan.

This is the scenario,Brian was in charge of the Naval Brigade(on board the train at the start of the game) he had options of where to place his troops-he chose hill"B". Graham was in charge of the Egyptians inside the "Junction", and I was in charge(?) of the Egyptians inside the "Fort" and a brigade of British troops coming onto the board behind the "Fort".
Dave was in command of the Dervish hordes,whilst Paul commanded the Haddendowah troops, of which he had 4 more warbands coming onto the board from point "X" on the map(move 4).

Top photo shows Dave's initial attack on the fort,bottom shows Paul's troops heading towards the "Junction"

The Naval Brigade is leaving the train and heading towards hill "B"-why didn't Brian get the train nearer the hill??

These two photo's show my troops under severe pressure from Dave's Dervish!!
However at one point,to stop one of his units from retiring(it's good being retired!) he put his CinC into the fray,got him killed,and the whole of his force had to take morale-some failed,and some held-just!!-oh how we laughed(except Dave!)

Graham is doing a grand job of defending his position,against overwhelming odds!!

Isn't this a nice view from Brian's hill?-the whole battle is unfolding in the plain below,and Graham is screaming for help and fire support!!!

Graham's defence is collapsing,and the Haddendowah are in!!-Brian was cajoled into helping Graham by firing into a warband that was attacking the side wall-however,and it's a big however-it was deemed that Graham would also have to take casualties from Brian's fire-he was NOT a happy pussycat!!!

Over on my flank,I have got my lancers into all sorts of bother,but my infantry are standing firm,but the "Fort" has fallen-oh dear,how sad,never mind!!

Oh look,let's give them a big cheer,here come the Naval Brigade!!-too bloody late-both positions have fallen,and the Dervish/Haddendowah have been declared the winners!!!

One final shot of the "Junction"
As usual this colonial game was fast and furious,and good fun.
No-one came up with an idea for next week,so am I to suppose we won't be playing??
It would be nice to see some WW2 action,15mm or 28mm,or Napoleonics or ACW!! come on boys,give me some help.


  1. Ouch. A crushing defeat! Bound to make the front pages back home. Colonial always looks grand

    1. Hi Chris,couldn't agree more-always looks the part,but they don't seem to last long!!!

  2. Big cheer to the Naval Brigade - better late than never....?

    1. Ahoy MJT-you "Salts" always stick together!
      Thanks for comment,I'm sure Brian will appreciate it.