Friday, 31 July 2020

More Welcome Visitors!!

Last night we had the first of many meetings of the new look Westerhope Wargames Group,and what a cracking meeting it was!-Just to see the horrible faces of "the boys" was good,however Brian couldn't make it-he was feeling not too well,but will definitely make it next week(yes we decided to have another meeting next Thursday!)
Everyone brought along boxes of figures,kits and books,all recently bought,and we "oohed and arred" at the sheer quantity and quality of it all!!

Masks and social distancing being observed,and sitting out-doors is an extra precaution-look at the boxes of "goodies".

Part of Dave's contribution-Napoleonics and Wellington in India,plus some "foxholes and artillery markers,the Prussian ambulance and horse artillery set are particularly fine!!

See what I mean???
Graham has been painting like a mad man-mainly Napoleonics,Austrians,Spanish,British-he doesn't know when to stop-he is also completing his 20mm WW2 collection!!-I'm worn out just printing this lot!!

Spanish line and light-he is building up divisions of Spanish,colourful,and with the right commanders,effective(??)

Paul has been painting some Italian tanks for Dave(desert types!) and also making a couple of model plane kits for the same period-one Italian,the other German,he also brought along three books on Napoleonic uniforms,which he got off E-bay for a ridiculously cheap price-well done me lad!!
We chatted on for a couple of hours,had a cup of coffee and a biscuit,and agreed to meet next week-roll on next week.


  1. Delighted to read that you had such a good meet up.

  2. Pretty boys. The Spanish with the purple facings that is, not "the boys". Hope Brian is well enough to drop by and see you soon. All the best, Chris :-)