Friday, 21 May 2010

The Battle of Untergalu 1704

On Sunday we had a very interesting Marlburian battle, a ficticious encounter set in 1704 ( it is not the Unterglau near Blenheim!). This was an attack/defence game with the French commanded by myself and Graham and the Allies by John and Paul. We had John to thank for coming up with the scenario, in fact he comes up with about 95% of our games, and as usual it provided some interesting tactical problems. Below is the scenario presented to us by John.

Basically the Allies held a line running the length of the table and were ensconced in a village and behind numerous hedges and stone walls. They were slightly inferior in numbers, having 13Bns to the French 16 Bns and 4 Cavalry Rgts to the French (and Bavarian) 5 Rgts. What Graham and I did not know was that John had also downgraded the morale of his Walloon Bns. This would have been useful knowledge to have as events turned out. Below are some pics of the initial set up (its a set up!)
The Allied centre held by the English with the 1st Foot Guards on the right by the bridge.

The Franco-Bavarian centre 6Bns of Bavarians plus 2Rgts of Bavarian Curassiers. My new unit of Wolframmsdorf curassiers are between the 1st and 2nd infantry lines (I managed to avoid them taking any casualties at all!)

The French right wing consisted of 4Bns of the Irish brigade and 2 Rgts of cavalry (I commanded this wing)

The French left commanded by Graham - 6Bns of French infantry and a Regt of cavalry.
So much for the initial dispositions, I will describe the battle next time. Thanks for looking!

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  1. Looks like a great game. I look forward to the post-game recriminations, er I mean game report :-D