Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Still gaming after decades ha ! ha !

Our local paper published an old article from its back issues and we'd like to share it with you.

John was interviewed many moons ago and the flattering photograph shows the young man we can nearly remember  .................

Without his innovation and flare for inventive scenarios and set ups (as most games seem to be!), we wouldn't be the group of people we are now.

Oh dear this sounds like a eulogy .......  he's really still alive, kicking and still cannot throw a good dice score for toffee ........

The article is self explanatory and I hope you enjoy the read.

The figures are Seven Years War semi flats by Prince August. These figures have been regularly gamed and still look as great now as they did when first cast. We have taken these figures to many shows in the past to universal praise. Mostly along the lines of  ".........they look like proper toy soldiers".

There are in excess of 1000 of these fantastic figures,

Russian, French, British, Austrian and Prussians all
complete armies including their own artillery
and cavalry, both light and horse.

And here are the same figures today ..........  definitely a great investment well done Prince August!

Prussian infantry storm a defended position

Red coated British advance

All of these pictures were from the same game.


  1. What a fine looking collection this is.I love the look of these models, thanks for sharing these photos,I'm now a follower,

  2. Welcome to the blog Paul. Hopefully we will be having a bash soon with the 40mm stuff and there will be a write up for you to read or perhaps a chance for you to have a look at them in the flesh, if you want, as your not that far from us? Our rules are fast and simple, probably not that different to yours. I have perused your blog and it is very interesting! lovely use of plastic figures and evocative of the old toy soldier style. Congratulations on your collection so far.

  3. Thanks very much Dave,the toy soldier style of wargaming has an enduring appeal to many wargamers.
    I've used plastics because I can't afford to do the project any other way,but I can tell you I've had more enjoyment from this project than I can remember.