Monday, 24 May 2010

The Battle of Unterglau - The Action

The Franco/Bavarian plan (yes we had a plan!) was for the left wing to attack the ridge to its front and draw in as many of the enemy reserves as possible. We did not expect this attack to break through given the strength of the Dutch position but we hoped a vigorous attack would tie up enemy reserves. Meanwhile on the right I would attack the village with the Irish brigade again hoping that this would draw reserves from the Allied centre. The massed ranks of Bavarians in our own centre would then sweep forward break the enemy centre and isolate both wings. A simple plan (always the best type), what could possibly go wrong?!

Graham launches his attack against the Dutch on the ridge.

The Lyons regiment take casualties. This shows our dead bases. Paul spent the evening happily passing them out "bring out your dead!"

Toulouse engage the Dutch Guards

2 Bns of Bavarians supported the attack and engaged the English Foot Guards.
Dutch infantry await the French advance atop the ridge.

On the right I began my advance with the Irish but I have to admit I was having an off day! As my lead regiments crossed the stream John sallied out with his Austrians and Walloon troops (Walloonese?). My attack stalled but I pushed my last infantry regiment over the bridge into the rear of Johns Walloons and his position was precarious!

But then I fumbled it! As you can see from the photo I had outflanked his right and was poised to cross the river with 2 cavalry regiments in support. What I should have done now was to push my outflanking infantry into the village and wheeled my squadrons into his flank. . . . but I didn't . . no I halted my infantry and wheeled them right and the opportunity was lost. . . Doh!!
John rushed a reserve regiment of Walloons into the village and secured it.
The situation now was that both the right wing and Left wing attacks had stalled. What could we do?
Graham decide to move his cavalry against the vunerable English battery in the centre of the Allied line and Paul countered with an advance by Hays dragoons.

Grahams cavalry aim for the guns.

And Pauls cavalry move to counter them.

As the wing attacks went in I thought I had spotted an opportunity to hit the Allied left centre held by an Austrian Battalion and a battery of guns in position between the village and a small open wood.

The Bavarians advance against the Austrian battalion and John moves his dragoons through the wood to threaten them.Bavarian cuirassiers support the advance (being careful not to get shot at!)

Meanwhile on the Allied right the first wave of French attacks have been driven off.

So at the mid-point of the battle (coffee time) the Franco-Bavarian plan had become rather unhinged. Both wings halted and one (the right wing) in some disorder, and the central reserve committed earlier than planned. The Allied commanders had rather big smiles on their faces and Paul was still dishing out dead figures to us! On top of this our dice throwing had been appalling. We use average dice for firing and melee (more like below average dice!) and all we seemed to throw were twos and the occasional three. It probably wasn't as bad as that but it seemed so at the time! Surely the second half (after coffee and biscuits) would see a resurgence in the French fortunes? I will reveal all next time. Hope you enjoyed so far!

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