Friday, 14 May 2010

Napoleonic Game

Hope these pictures give a taste of some of the other games we have recently played.

These feature some of my Russians and John's French figures.  They may be old but they have provided many years of "Toy soldier" gaming.

Hope you enjoy...... 
                          Looks chilly!

Thankfully the heaters work well when the snow backdrop is deployed....  must be psychological?

You may be able to make out our dice and measuring sticks......   John had these made decades ago after many chips in paint work exasperated him next thing we were removing all tape measures from the box.  Very simple as seen by the sales of bits of wood at shows everywhere with felt tip pen marked on it! We may not have been first but we like them. The dice are soft hence no damage to figures from the casino rollers...  don't we all enjoy trying to get an officer kill that way ... be honest!

View from the Russian battery position under serious assault from a French Brigade
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