Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The 25P Windmill.

Our last few games with our Marlburian armies have highlighted a serious omission in our buildings and terrain features,ie.Windmills !! So to put things right I decided ,today, to ,make a cheap windmill.I bought a model house from a car boot sale years ago, and have never used it, so I thought I could use the model as the basis for my windmill.

This photo shows the house with glued on "sails" made from card.

This photo shows the sails painted a basic brown,so far so good.

This photo shows the sails painted further to show the "lat" effect.

This photo shows the finished windmill with central pinion painted on.

This final photo shows the windmill "in situ" on top of a high and windy hill with a passing regiment of troops.

I can almost guarantee that this windmill will appear in every wargame we have for the next few weeks, be it Marlburian, Napoleonics, Ancients (!!) etc.

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