Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Happy New Year2012,update.

Happy New Year everybody, just a short update as to what is happening and what we are all up to.

First of all some really good and exciting news, we have been asked to put on a demonstration game at this year's Border Reiver show which takes place on 1st September at the Gateshead Stadium .We will be staging an Ancients battle involving my new Prince August Legions vs PA Ancient Britons, so should be quite spectacular. We are also "pencilled in" for Smoggycon, lots going on so far !

I have completed my Xmas contingent of Persian Immortals and Western and Eastern camp followers and Roman Civilians, and have started on some Roman and Gallic cavalry which I ordered from Lancashire Games. Imust thank Tom for his very quick turnaround of my order and the friendly service and help he showed me.

Davey is painting everthing that doesn't move at the moment including Tipoo Sultan figs, Great Northern War figs. and SAMURAI !!! what's that all about Dave ??

Graham is still working his way through his Napoleonic's and our pal Michael's Napoleonics, one day he'll finish them all and concentrate on his other projects,ie. WWII,Franco-Prussian and any others he hasn't told us about,-you didn't think we'd forget did you ?

I'm still trying to find out how to transfer photo's onto the Blog, hopefully sometime this week then I'll really be able to go to town with game reports etc.

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  1. Happy New Year to all at Westerhope. Looking forward to this years posts.