Saturday, 21 January 2012

Game Pics

Well it has been sometime since I posted anything on the blog and I must blame work for this. Yes I have been blocked from updating during my lunch break at work due to an over zealous filter on our internet access!
To get me back into the swing of things I have dug out these photos of a game we played before Christmas. This was a Spanish Succession game and the scenario was set by Graham. Basically an Allied army positioned between 2 villages was to be attacked by a larger French army. John and I commanded the allies and Graham and Paul the French and Bavarians. The first photo is actually from late in the game and shows my English troops advancing against the French centre after defeating the French assault on the left hand village.

The next photo shows the French and Bavarian attack on the centre of the Allied line.

A view of the attack on the Allied right hand village. John held this village under intense pressure until late in the battle.

Another view of the same attack.

The next two photos show Grahams French cavalry as they sweep round the allied left, only to be isolated and eventually retire.

A general view of the battlefield at the end of the game. Having defeated the French to my front I hae advanced against the French centre and John has sent his cuirassiers to support me. These have just charged into the exposed French right.

On the opposite flank Paul has cleared Johns defenders from the village and disordered the allied centre.

The photo below shows this disorder.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable game, which we used to try out our new morale rules and these worked extremely well, given a very realistic outcome. John will post some information on these at a later date.

A final photo of my English. I picked these guys up on Ebay a couple of years ago and they were a bargain at £2 a figure.

Well thats all for now but I do hope that we can start to update more regularly. I follow a number blogs and it can be quite frustrating when updates are few and far between. From a personal point of view, as John has already posted, I have continued to paint my GNW figures and have just started painting some samurai figures. Why? I had them lying in a cupboard and thought I would paint them and sell them. Well now I have painted a few I am not so sure! I am intrigued by the Impetus rules and might give them a go with the Samurai. I have always been interested in Japan and worked there a few years ago (taking the opportunity to visit a few castles!) so this may be a new period for me to try. I will post a few photos soon.

It just remains for me to say a belated happy new year to everyone and I hope the next post will be very soon.