Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The hills are alive !!

I decided to create some very simple hills today,using hardboard cut with my new jigsaw.I painted the new hills using poster paint ( very cheap ) The first photoshows my Republican Legions on a long ridge facing a Carthaginian army, we will be playing this game on Thursday night.

This is a shot of the Carthaginians,composed of Spanish,Africans,Elephants and Cavalry, what it doesn't show is the sneaky Celtic warriors "lurking" in an ambush position, in the following photos can you spot where that could be ?

This is a view of the Roman commander surveying his troops from a position called "well out of the way"

Does this look like an ambush position ? NOOOOOOO!!

As you can see the hardboard contours with a couple of trees and a bit of a mountain, look quite effective.

This shows the Romans from another angle showing the contours of the hills.
The photo below shows a hill etc. on the Carthaginian left flank,no ambush trops here though!

Another boring shot of the Legions fronted by "velites", ready and willing to do battle with the invading Carthaginians.

This shows the Roman commabder's HQ hill complete with trees and mountain,obtained from local pet store.

The photo below shows what every self repecting Hannibal would class as a great position for an ambush,if the Roman cavalry on this flank moves forward,then a horde of screaming Celts might,just might, emerge from hiding and give them such a fright!! A typical case of Punic Treachery.

I hope the rest of the group like these hills and contours,they are very flexible and easily stored, and , like the Windmill , will play a very prominent part in every game from now on.

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