Saturday, 21 January 2012

Game on Thursday 19th January 2012

Paul and I played this game on Thursday night.

Itook the part of a Roman Commander
whose task it was to capture a Gallic

Town.This photo shows my troops actually storming into the defences at the end of the game,after a long and very costly assault.

This is my assault against the town itself

which took three cohorts to crack it,the hut,representing the chief's citadel,is on fire due to some good shooting by my bolt throwing machines.Our representation of a Testudo formation can be seen just about to cross the bridge,this is very basic and consists of

painted card covering the fifures.

This is a view from the Gallic side of the board,from behind their defenceslooking over the river at the advancing cohorts.The Roman force consisted of 10 cohorts,3 heavy cavalry one light cavalry unit and one skirmish unit.The Gallic army consisted of 7 Warbands,one light cav. unit and one skirmish unit and three heavy cav. units.

This photo shows my number 1,2,3 and 4 cohorts crossing the river at the start of the game,I hate to admit it but my number one cohort (elite) was very roughly handled and was forced to retire,oh the shame of it!!

All in all this was a great game and Paul ended up the winner,even though i captured the town ,because his heavy cav. beat my heavy cav. so soundly in their first encounter that they were forced to take a morale test, which they failed miserably,to the point that they all turned tail and ran away!!

Paul has shown me how to transfer photo's, all I have to do now is remember what he said,hopefully more reports are on their way.

On Sunday we are refighting Oudenarde 1708, keep watching this space.....

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