Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Napoleonic head to head. Dave vs Paul.

This game was designed as an attack-defence game with a bit of a difference,a British force was tasked with landing in a bay and attacking a city, which was defended by a French force.The city was supported by two hills,one of which had a gun battery placed on it,and a wood .The British objective was to capture these two hills prior to investing the city.

This shot shows the gun emplacement which dominated the centre of the table.

This shows the centre hill and wood and the city approaches.

This wonderful photograph shows the magnificent city.(some time must have been taken to get this in all its glory)

This is a view from behind the gun emplacement looking towards the bay and landing area.

This is a general view of the whole table taken from the city,showing the rather difficult terrain that the British first wave decided to take towards the city.

The next "blog" will be a report on the game,which turned out to be a classic,not only for the way it was played,but for the time it took,we started playing at approx. 6pm and finally finished at 11pm !! after about 21 moves (I lost count at 19, and I was the referee!

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