Monday, 27 February 2012

A very Civil War game 26.2.2012.

Because of the many periods we fight as a club,a few exciting and colourful periods tend to get put on the back boiler,for example the English Civil War.On Sunday 26th Feb,I decided to "dust off" the ECW figs. and plan a game,this coincided with a new member to the club,Robin, showing an interest in this particular period.
The set up was a typical defence/attack game with the Royalists holding a hedged area and a hill,topped with a windmill.The Parliamentarians were to attack all along the line, and on move number 4 a hidden force was to come onto the board opposite and on the flank of Windmill Hill and attack it.

This shot shows the Royalists centre and right flank with Windmill Hill being defended by a mass of infantry supported by a gun battery.
This was a very exciting game with Cavalry attacks,Infantry fire fights and push of pike.In the end the Royalists managed to hold their positions and were declared the winners,however the Parliamentarians had given them a very bloody nose and were still strong on their left flank.

This is our new member (if he comes back next week!) Robin,welcome to him.

This photo shows Graham trying to cover up the Cavalry trooper who managed to jump off his horse!! We saw you do it!!!!

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