Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Vapnartak 2012

After a very chilly and snowy start,Graham,Dave and I arrived at York to find it even chillier and alot more snowy !!
However after eventually getting parked on the roadway,we were greeted in the usual friendly manner by the "boys" on the door,and we started our spending frenzy.
I got off to a good start and spent what I had intended to spend at the Hovels stand; two Iron Age huts and a Windmill later,(as they say in Holland,"you can't have too many windmills",I could relax and enjoy the show.There were some good demo games,and the majority of the participants made time to talk to us and explain what they were doing.The B&B was good with reasonable prices being asked for good quality figs.We bumped into our good pal Chris who was putting on a participation game based on the old TV series of Stingray.never mind Chris,professional help is available on the NHS !!!
Dave started his spending activities by getting some pre-ordered and pre-cut bases for his latest projects,followed swiftly by paints and brushes,and then onto the Reiver Castings sdtand to get some cavalry and infantry for his Great Northern War project.A mention must be made about the guys on the stand,helpful,friendly and most welcoming,a credit to your trade fellas.
Graham got alot of brushes but resisted the "urge" to get a regiment of GNW infantry to paint up to fight alongside Dave's lot.
We left York in minus 3.5 degrees but were soon back in God's country having had a very enjoyable day out,to learn that the Toon had won too!what a day.

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