Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New playing surface.All change

This is a view of our new playing surface,and it cost half of what I was going to spend with TSS at York.This is a sort of Astro-Turf, purchased at B&Q,Isuppose it is designed to be laid instead of grass,however at £9.98 per sq.metre, it worked out at just under £60 to cover our 10 by 6 foot table.The benefits I have found so far are that it is seanless,jointless and totally flexible,there's bound to be a drawback like having to cut it in the summer months, or getting rid if moles etc.Paul and I had a game on it on Thursday and found the figures slid easily across it, and of course our hills and river sections look good on it too.( I have actually bought a little bit more to make hills with-they look good as well.)

Here is a shot of the "grass" complete with river sections,palms and a temple.

Here is another photo of some Bavarian,Marlburian, infantry and cavalry passing in front of a farmhouse,just to show how the colour stands out.
Also below is a shot of Dave ,in the snow outside the Vapnartak show on Sunday.It looks quite cold !!!

Finally a shot of my Iron Agehouses and my Windmill,on the painting table,undercoated and hopefully they will be completed by Thursday or Friday.An existing house is shown so I can copy the painting style and colours that I did about a year ago.

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