Saturday, 11 February 2012

Super Star Celebrities visit WWG.

As you can see from the above photo George Clooney and Tom Cruise both "popped" in on our Thursday night Zulu vs British game,of course Paul and I are too modest to notice the similarity !! However the Mrs Coutts had to take this shot before she "swooned"

This shows my Left Horn regiments sweeping towards a pass on the British right flank, guarded by a very nervous troop of NNC.

This is the view from the British central position looking towards the Zulu centre,which is just starting to trundle forward.The Zulu centre was traditionally made up of veteran (old) warriors, and you almost smell the Fiery Jack and hear the wheels of their wheelchairs squeaking ! However it was the old men who proved to be the undoing of the British in the end.

This is the view the Zulu centre had as it moved to the attack,a well defended position with British companies and artillery in support.

This is the left horn in full attack,driving the NNC away and smiling in the face of the British rifles aimed at it !

The Zulu right horn and centre moving forward,the right horn got into a bit of a mess due to a company of Marines c/w Gatling gun and dismounted dragoons and the dreaded 17th lancers. The game was as usual very exciting and the British held their own until the very last move when the Zulus in overwhelming numbers crushed them and washed their spears in blood.

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