Friday, 13 April 2012

Lancashire Games Celtic/British Cavalry.

I have been busy painting these Lancashire Games ancient cavalry figs to act as my Command Groups, for my Prince August range of ancient Britons.
I like to undercoat my figs. white and use block colours,mainly Games Workshop paints,expensive but what isn't these days ? My painting skills are still after 40 years of wargaming,basic to say the least,so I can't do shading etc. and just go in for bright colours. The shot above shows the shield patterns,the shields are already embossed and are quite easy to paint over and follow the patterns,Allan from Lancashire Games very kindly sent me some Standards in the pack and I have used them,basing two figs per base to represent my Warbands.

This photo shows the other side,not too interesting but bit shows the poses.

A bit of a closer shot,I really like these figs.they are big and "chunky" and easy to paint,the bases are now "flocked" and the figs put away ready to be brought out soon for their "maiden" game.

I got a note from John Holt of Warrior Miniatures in Glasgow, saying he views our Blog and likes the content,we really appreciate comments from everyone,good or bad! so keep the comments coming.

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