Monday, 16 April 2012

Roman Auxilliaries first unit complete.

This is my first unit of Roman Auxilliaries from Lancashire Games,undercoated and ready to go. Work in progress,basic colours on and already taking shape.

Another shot of work in progress,in fact almost finished.

Below is a shot concentrating on the standard bearer,a beautifully sculpted figure,the whole unit is now complete an stuck onto its movement tray,I use 3"x3" hardboard for all my Ancient armies.

Final shot of completed unit,I just need to "flock" the bases,and they'll be on the board!

Dave has painted more of his Tipoo Sultan figs, and they are looking good,very colourful and superbly painted using his technique of black undercoating and block colouring,I will try and get some photo's of these figs,his collection is coming on nicely and we are all looking forward to them being on the board in the near future.

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