Friday, 27 April 2012

Gallic Wars.played 26.4.12.

Thursday's game was a typical Roman vs Gauls affair with the Gauls defending their village against a Roman legion plus auxilliaries and light troops.Paul took the part of the Roman commander whilst I took the part of the Gallic commander.My left flank was made up entirely of Cavalry,my centre was positoioned on a ridge and my left was on a hill overlooking the village.Paul lined up with his aux. troops on his left,opposite the village and his centre was made up of his legion,and his right was composed of his cavalry.The photo below shows a scene of peace and tranquility in the Gallic village,who could possibly spoil such a scene? Bloody Romans thats who!! This shows my initial charge against the auxilliary inf,quite successful at first but they eventually got the best of me and forced me to retire towards the end of the game.

The Gallic light cav. charge against the Roman skirmish troops didn't quite work out the way I had intended,however it did give Paul something to think about and made him turn a couple of cohorts to block a possible gap appearing in his line.

This photo shows the Roman push against my central position,even being shot at by my archers the Primus cohort manages to gain the crest of the hill and force my warbands to retire back to the village.

Meanwhile on the Gallic left flank, a tremendous cavalry battle was taking place,Paul having to reinforce his cav. with a cohort of infantry,all to no effect however as the Gauls were triumphant in this sector,my only triumph as it happens !!

Paul's aux. infantry having mixed fortunes,however the Gauls had run out of steam, and were gradually being forced back towards their original starting positions on the hill,defending the village.

This shot shows the Gallic right flank retiring and the chariot units about to commit suicide by charging into a hail of pila and having,also, to retire.This move heralded the end of the game,and the Romans declared the winners,once again a tremendously exciting game,good and correct tactics employed by both sides,roll on the next one!

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