Monday, 16 April 2012

"Modern " Game SUnday 15.4.12.

Let me start this blog by saying I know very,very little about Modern warfare,so for me to have the temerity to put on a Modern type game and "knock up" a set of rules is outrageous!!Using the same terrain as for the last two games,with an added road buildings etc. I attempted this game,aided and abetted by Graham,Robin,Paul and Dave.
The rules are purely meant for a fast and exciting game and are not in any way supposed to reflect modern weapons effectiveness or ranges.All of the figures (54mm plastic) tanks and A.P.C. etc. were bought from the Pound Shop,the whole lot costing well under £10 !!And so to the game,the scenario is shown below,the Kakistani force was supposed to be invading Turdestan,but as it turned out the Kak. commanders,Graham and Robin, decided not to attack with any gusto but rather to defend!! This shot shows the original layout of the table with the Kakistanis

in column fanning out to attack and take both flank hills,the Turdestanis are defending the main ridge and the river crossing beside the bridge,and also in depth further back into the board.
This photo shows the Kak. commander directing operations from the safety of a rear position!

This was the highlight of the game,Dave's blowpipe knocking the Kak. helicopter out of the sky before it had even fired a shot in anger,Dave was happy,Graham was not!!

This is the Turdestani mortar crew opposite hill "A" which was occupied by Robin's troops,unfortunately the mortar was wiped out by accurate machine gun and inf. fire.

The photo below shows Graham's inf. about to occupy and dig in on hill "B",the sheep seemed to worry him and the troops didn't stay too long,being shot at by Dave's machine gun and inf.

This is the momentous occasion when Paul decided to join the battle having seen most of John's and Dave's troops and tanks battered to bits,however better late than never and it proved to be a wise move and possibly won the battle for the Turdestanis.

Where are Dave's troops? -DEAD!!!!!! Main ridge after bombardment by Kak. tanks and Infantry.

This is as far as the Kakistani forces managed to get,not even across the river! However I enjoyed the game,even if it was just to teach me that I really don't know anything about Modern Warfare.

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