Friday, 30 November 2012

Club and painting update.30.11.12.

As it's too cold to stand in the garage without the heaters on,I thought I would update you on who is painting what at the moment.

All of the above are figures painted by Brian,as part of his Danish Grenadier corps.The figures are Irregular Miniatures,and he's done a good job on them.

The two photo's above are of my finished tetudos,all five of them,they look good and I will no doubt have them on the board very soon.

This is my latest "project",although I actually started the project a while back.They are Seven Years War figures by Pete Foggin,and,although basic,look good when painted.

A couple of finished figs. in among twenty four others!
Paul has started painting his Front Rank Austrian army again,so I had better get my "skates on" and paint as many as possible.

Dave is painting when he can,and is concentrating on;Napoleonics,Tipoo Sultan,and a "secret " project,which he is keeping under wraps until it's finished.....Hmmmm.

Graham bought a boat load of figs at Smoggycon,Napoleonics,and will keep us updated on his progress.We are still awaiting his WW2 figures as well.

I mentioned Smoggycon before,so thought I will let you see some of the photos I took.

The photo below was taken before the game started and shows the Auxilliaries and Northern Tribes.

My Tribes have hit Dave's Baggage train,this was supposed to be a walk over for me,but,as usual, things didn't quite work out like that!!

The battle is in full swing in this shot,as you can see everyone is rushing around,moving figures,working out morale and tactics,oh and Brian is having his lunch!!!!

This is the Antonine Wall being attacked by Graham and Brian (who had finished his lunch by now!)

A rare shot of me and Paul relaxing before the game started,is that chap in the background pointing at me????

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