Thursday, 29 November 2012

They Don't Like It Up 'Em !!

Brian and I had a Colonial game this morning,based on the conquest of the Sudan,Brian was in command of a British force and I commanded the Dervish forces.

The advance against the Infidels begins,my "hidden" troops surprise the British.

The Punjabi infantry prepare to fire on my Ansars,whilst the Seaforths and Camel corps move onto the flank.Brian was "hoodwinked" into thinking that everything dressed in white,with black faces, and moving quickly,would be Dervish troops,this was unforunate when his Egyptian allies,wearing their Summer uniforms,came onto the board,because he shot them!! and they went off the board!!

The Ansars and Punjabi infantry clash,although greatly outnumbered,these fine troops stood their ground,until reinforced by the Notts. regiment,and drove me back.

My Haddendowah infantry and cavalry emerge from behind a dune to attack the British right flank and village.

My supporting Ansars arrive to save the day(?) however being shot at whilst advancing didn't do much for their morale,and by the time they made contact they were already "spent"

This shot shows the Northumberland Fusiliers,firing at effective range against the Haddendowah,they failed to stop them,and a fearsome melee took place,which eventually saw the Fusiliers retreat!!

This shows the Berkshire regiment taking up positions in the village,and about to be assaulted by screaming Dervish units.

On the left flank of the British position,Brian advanced his Camel unit,dismounted them,and then proceeded to pass his Lancers through them to attack my Baggara cavalry,who then beat him in the ensuing melee,and retired through the Camels and forcing them to retire!!

Northumberlands versus Haddendowah,wreathed in smoke,a second unit is advancing on the gun on Brian's left flank,which was lost in a flurry of blood and guts!

This shows the last of my troops trying to get a result anywhere on the board,Brian used his Guns to great effect,and eventually I had to admit defeat,however he still had not achieved his objective of getting to the oasis,which is out of picture to the right.
This was a very enjoyable game,full of surprises and lucky dice throws,roll on Sunday,when I hope we will be having a large American Civil War game.

One Direction,eat your heart out! Actually, the only direction this lot are going is DOWNHILL!!!
this was a shot from Smoggycon,before our demo. game started.

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