Thursday, 8 November 2012

"modern" game vs Brian 8.11.12.

This morning Brian and I had a "modern" game using tanks,artillery,infantry squads,helicopters etc.etc.
Now I may have mentioned before that Brian was "dismal" with his handling of cavalry in a previous game,and I am reliably informed that the modern version of cavalry is Tanks!! I have to report that Brian's handling of his tanks in this game was,as previously, DISMAL !!

This is the scenario,Brian had to have a "column of march" written out and also a battle plan c/w objectives,this he did with great efficiency.None of my troops were on the board at the start of the game,although I did have to have them marked on my map.

This is how the board looked before we put any troops on to it,the objective was to capture the village,which is on the right background as you look at the photo.

This is the village,I had an Infantry squad plus a heavy machine gun unit hidden in it,I also had a tank behind the village.

This shot shows Farmer Putin,with his faithful dog,who,on the third move was judged to have had it's balls blown off by a stray anti-tank shell !!Well he's very near the action!!

This is one of the highlights of the game,Brian,with great aplomb,announced that he was going to put his "chopper" on the table!! I don't know where he has played wargames before,but we are not that kind of club !!
The "chopper" actually did a great deal of damage to my infantry in the woods,and to my tank in the village.

This shot shows the "chopper" attacking the village,and my "blowpipe man trying to shoot it down.

"GOTCHA!! Brian's helicopter,to give it it's proper name,gets blasted out of the sky.

Some good (lucky?) anti-tank shooting, combined with a good bazooka shot took out two of Brian's 4 tanks, in one move.(dismal Brian,dismal!)

Now I'm not quite sure why Brian was attacking this herd of cows,they weren't being aggressive or anything! I would like to assure all of our readers,that no animals were hurt playing this game,apart from the dog,that is !!
This is Brian's outflanking move and was very successful,makes up for the dismal use of his tanks,I suppose.

This shot shows Brian's "cow killer" squad knocking out my last tank,with a very long range bazooka shot.

Brian's yellow squad,emerging from the woods and taking heavy fire from my machine gun and infantry fire from village,I failed to stop this advance and was eventually attacked from two sides, and had to give in.

This shot shows my troops defending the village,I did manage to inflict casualties on Brian's attacking squad,bu overwhelming numbers began to tell,and even my cover couldn't protect me from mortar,small arms and tank fire.

The end!,village captured,tanks blown up,mortar destroyed,and dog away to the vets!!

this was a good fun,enjoyable game.rool on tonight when I will be playing Paul in an Ancients game.


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    1. Glad you enjoyed the blog,we had alot of fun playing this game,cheers.