Friday, 9 November 2012

Bruttium 206BC. vs Paul.

Last night Paul and I had an Ancients game,Hannibal vs Scipio,with a bit of a twist,in that Scipio had "rumbled" Hannibal's ambush,and routed his ambush troops,ie Celts,who,when the game started were already running back towards the Carthaginian lines.

This is the scenario we worked off.

This photo shows the overall view of the board,with the Romans on the right and the Carthaginians on the left.

This shows the Celts being chased back to their lines,they had to go back two moves and take another move to reform,this disrupted the Carthaginian moves on that flank,and gave the Romans (Paul) time to manouvre his front line of Hastati onto both flanks.

This shot shows Paul's Hastati on the move,meanwhile I had launched my Elephants on both flanks against the Roman lines.My plan was to hold my centre until the flanks were secure then attack along the whole line.Paul was quite happy to take his time,and he didn't want to come over the stream until he was in a position to support the Triarii .

This shows my Numidian cavalry giving the Triarii a hard time,and giving the Celts time to reform.

THis is my left flank,Elephants charging into Paul's Princepes,and my Spanish cavalry supporting,and out of shot,to the left,charging into the Roman cavalry.The cavalry battle had just got started,when disaster struck.............

Both Elephant units were beaten in melee,and had to take a morale test,they both failed,and on the throw of another dice,stampeded to their left,straight into the cavalry melee!! Both sides had to take casualties,and by the time the Elephants had cleared the board,the cavalry melee was never resumed,mainly because my centre was assailed by pila throwing Romans,who managed to destroy my Spaniards.

The game was decided in the centre,a mass melee taking place,but also on my right flank,the Triarii launched themselves across the stream,drove away my remaining Celts,and put my light troops in real trouble.

I remember this man,ah yes it's Dave!! he popped in to watch Paul and I grapple with this fast and enjoyable game,and also to show us his latest painted figures,Chasseurs....

Very nice too,can't wait to see them on the board.

I have a rather large Marlburian game planned for Sunday,when,hopefully,the "famous five" will be in attendance,Roll on Sunday.

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