Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Marlburian game 30.1.13 vs Brian

Brian and I had a game this morning (have I mentioned how good it is to be retired?),Spanish and Allies versus Danes,British,and Prussians!!
The scenario was basically an attack against a farmhouse !!

This shot is of the left flank of my Spanish and Allies army,showing the farm,and my cavalry placed over the river.

This gives a good idea of what the rest of the board looked like,with Brian's army arrayed in front of mine.
We both wrote our battle plans,and Brian had decided to attack along my whole front,whilst I had ordered my army to hold the farm,and left flank,but advance slowly with my right flank.

With all guns blazing,Brian has started his attack in ernest,and I was immediately put under pressure when one of my right hand units broke at the first taste of shot!!!
We both put our cavalry to the test on both flanks,Brian being successful on his left,and me being successful on the right (for a while !!)

My left flank being "assailed" by superior numbers of cavalry,after an initial defeat,I pulled my second line back and relied on infantry to keep Brian's cavalry from swamping me.

This shot is of my right flank,we both put a lot of trust in our infantry,and both had success and failure,with troops,who should have stayed and fought,running away !!
Behind the trees on the far right of the picture,our cavalry fought each other to a stand still,for a while,and then Brian's cav. pushed mine back,forcing me to send my reserve squadrons to help,which in turn took pressure off Brian's infantry,allowing him to double up on my infantry.

The farmhouse is just about to be captured by Brian's Prussians in this shot,my right flank was beaten,my left was holding on (just) and the farm was captured,what more could I do ? capitulate that's what!!

This was another good game,played in a good spirit,it's just a pity that I lost-again!!

I have finished painting the Samurai sample sent by Warrior,I have named him the Last Geordie Samurai,Lord Sakakaki.

I have excelled myself by painting the Mon on his back and front,and on his arms!!,Here are some E.C.W. cavalry painted by Brian,plastics (the figures, not Brian!)

More figures,painted by Brian,Danish infantry this time,Front Rank figs-very good,it's just a pity that they "ran away" on their first wargames outing.

roll on Thursday night,another game with both Paul and Brian,It's great being retired!!

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