Friday, 18 January 2013

Still alive!!

I'm still "battling" with something called Picasa web albums,which should enable me to get photo's onto our blog,however my computer knowledge is "minimal" to say the least,but with a little help from the rest of the "boys" and my son,I might just have it "cracked" by next week.

Because of the cold weather,we haven't been playing too many games lately,but Brian and I have been "play-testing" a revised and shortened version of our morale rules,more of that later,when we have played enough games to warrant showing to the rest of the Group.

Paul has booked up a hotel in Falkirk for May,at a very reasonable price,in fact it's so cheap I think we'll be spending the week end under a bridge,wrapped in plastic bags!!

We are all going down to York,in two weeks time,and then to Middlesbrough for the "Muster" in March,where we are putting on a game.

Paul has bought himself a "lit" magnifying glass to help him paint his Seven Years War figures,so we are expecting results soon,Dave is painting his Tipoo Sultan range of figures,Graham is finishing his WW2 stuff,and has promised to have them on the table "soon".Brian has just received some plastic Marlburian Infantry and cavalry,and he will be starting to paint them as soon as possible,I have finished some Irregular Miniatures wounded,dead and stretcher bearer figures which I got for Christmas,and they look very good.

Roll on Sunday,Brian has organised a Zulu game for us,and I'm looking forward to that and seeing the Group together for the first time this year.


  1. If you are having problems uploading pictures ont a blog, I have found using Chrome to open my blog magically allows you to upload pics direct from your computer.
    Since blogger and Chrome are both run by Google, I think they are making it difficult to use anything not run by them. I used to use Internet Explorer for blogging, but cannot anymore for this reason!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you gentlemen at Carronade. I take it that you are putting a game on?

  3. Carronade?? where,who,what?? more info. needed,can you help,again?