Saturday, 5 January 2013

Marlburian game 3.1.13.

The game I have planned for Thursday night,will involve all 5 of us,Paul and I will command the Franco-Bavarian forces and Graham,Dave and Brian will command the Allies (consisting of  Austrian,Danes,Dutch and British) I have put every single Cavalry figure that we possess on the board,and have deliberately chosen Graham and  Paul to command them,simply because  Graham doesn't like commanding them,and Paul always has a sneaky plan up his sleeve,...Start the new year the way you mean to go on,that's what I say!!!!

This is the almost negligible scenario,done deliberately,so that every one has to attack!(except the Bavarians!)

This photo shows the three lines,and reserve of the French cavalry,a further 4squadrons are supporting the Bavarian infantry in the village!

This shows the Bavarians and the village which they had to defend.

This is the Allied cavalry,they matched the French exactly,with another 4 squadrons supporting the troops attacking the village,in total both sides have 20 squadrons.

This shot shows the Allied infantry,Austrians on the left and Anglo-Danish on the right.

An overall view of the table,with Allies on the left and Franco-Bavarians on the right.

After an "incident" on New Year's Eve, involving a wet chamois cloth and a piece of celery,Interpol have asked everyone to look out for the Person below,anyone knowing his identity or whereabouts should inform them,however he is dangerous and should not be approached without the proper health and safety clothing!

And so to the game,Paul and I have developed a new tactic to beat our opposition,Paul discovered that,if you wave your "dipperty stick" around like a demented Harry Potter,you can decapitate and then knock your opponent's command figure off his horse,and I discovered that you can,with a bit of dexterity,manage to poke Brian in the eye,with our artillery range measuring stick!!!! Oh how we laughed!

The game started with action from both sides,the massive cavalry command rolled forward,hell bent on destruction,and the Infantry of Dave and Brian rolled forward towards the village defended by myself.
Because I can't get the bloody computer to let me put some photo's on to the blog,I will describe the battle in detail.The attack on the village was ferocious,by both Dave and Brian,but I managed to hold on with my infantry,my cavalry were assaulted by Brian's cavalry,and my gun over-run,however after a couple of melee's,morale tests dictated that Brian had to fall back,and the pressure was taken off me,for a while.

On the cavalry flank,all hell was let loose,with swirling melee's,move and counter-move,and squadrons being fed into melee's,commanders having to be put in to stop retire moves etc.etc.all dashing stuff,and very exciting.

At one point Graham,again,lost faith and thought all was over for him,however a couple of good throws later and he was on top again! 
meanwhile,back in the village of the damned,both Dave and Brian were pushing forward,and my poor morale eventually let them into the village.With the village taken and our cavalry in a complete mess,we decided to let the Allies have their victory.This was a great game,and the laughs came thick and fast all the way through it,well done lads,roll on Sunday.

This will probably be the last "blog" I do, because I can't work out how to get photo's onto this ridiculous blogger interface.

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