Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Painting update

The following photographs show some figures I got for Christmas,from my sister,via Irregular Miniatures,I think that, in the hands of a good painter,these figures could be made a real asset to any wargame,from Ancients to say Marlburian/Napoleonic ( not the Barbarians obviously!)

Quite gruesome!,I had fun painting these figures,and added the shields and weapons etc. to make some of the "dead" figs. into Barbarians.

The next photo's are of a sample figure I received from Warrior Miniatures, of a mounted Samurai,I believe they have re-moulded some of the Samurai,worth a look anyway.

The above shots show the figure on "his" painting base,no cleaning up was necessary.

The above show the figure undercoated and ready to paint,I will keep you updated,as and when I get "him" done.

Roll on Thursday,Brian has planned a Napoleonic game for Paul and I.

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