Friday, 18 January 2013

Seven Years War

I'd like to say a big thank you for the advice from one of out valued followers "Herkeybird" who offered advice regarding downloading photos via Google chrome.

As you can see it definitely works!  Three cheers .............. well maybe a thanks will do

You see it's never too late to learn new things!

And speaking of which, I learnt that without additional light the flash ain't good enough for photos.

However, suffice to say that I have taken the opportunity to invest some Xmas money in the buy of the year. Hobbycraft are selling magnified desk lamps at half price (well at Team Valley retail park , Gateshead) for the princely sum of £17 odd.
Reduced from £34 it is an absolute bargain and without it my painting was stalled. Circular florescent tube, no shadows and the ability to see that Front Rank put far too much detail on their fab figures.

Austrian Battalions 4th and 5th in the Paul Army.

I've another 5 battalions and  gun battery to get stuck into next.

 I apologise for not doing them justice. A bit more colour, basing and some fantastic flags from GMB designs and the join the army in waiting.

Hey not too many adverts in this week .................... do you think they've noticed we're going for a sponsorship deal ?.......... ha ha!

Looking forward to Sunday and you'll be able to read and see the results .............. bet Brian is going to have some surprises in store.

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