Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Battle of Unter/Oberglau 18th century battle 27.3.13.

Before I write the report of the battle I had this morning against Brian,I would like to show 3 photo's of a Plug Bayonet,being sold on Thursday at the local Auction rooms.It is German made and dated around 1690,although there is an inscription on the scabbard of 1656.

The price is around the £300 mark-some lucky person will get a bit of real history.

Now to the battle we had this morning,the scenario was an Anglo- Danish force of 12 inf. 6 cav. and 3 guns,was attacking the twin villages of Unter and Ober glau,being held by a force of Irish and Bavarian troops,9 inf. 9 cav. and 2 guns.

The above shot shows the table lay-out,with the Danes and Irish to the right,you will notice a column of Danes about to cross the river and begin an attack on the village of Oberglau.

This shows the British contingent facing the Irish,on Brian's right flank,he opted for an all-out assault with these fine troops,but was "smote" mightily by the Irish.

This is my brave Irish troops,holding the Windmill hill,they had orders to "stand firm" and they did-all game!

Contact is made in the centre,if you look closely (not advised!) at Brian's face you can tell who got the better of this encounter! My Bavarians were superb,driving back all those who had the nerve to come up against them.Meanwhile Brian's column is making good progress in the background.

The British advance is beginning here,I have drawn one of my Irish regiments backwards to allow my cavalry to assault the gun pounding my troops,has Brian seen this crafty move??

I told Brian that I wouldn't include this very embarrassing photo,of him actually firing his gun at his own troops,however,for the sake of accuracy and fair play,I thought I would!!
On the left of the shot you can just see my cavalry starting their move to over-run the gun that was hitting my Irish,Too late did Brian see this move,and gun lost!!

Brian's British Grenadiers have been stopped in their tracks,by a combination of cannister and musket fire,however he persisted and sent another regiment up the hill,and they suffered the same fate!! Behind the windmill a cavalry battle is taking place,which Brian won on the first round and had me worried,because he could break my cav. and attack my rear.Brian was sending reinforcements to this flank,so it was a case of "will I hold out or not?"

Brian's gun about to be ridden down,and his Danish Grenadiers looking "fraught",his centre kept falling back,reforming and coming on again,good wargaming stuff,what's happening in the villages?

Well, the Danes have crossed the river,driven off my gun battery situated to the left of the house you can see in this shot,and are putting the defenders under alot of pressure,the cav. milling about in this shot have just beaten some Danish cavalry,and I am about to threaten the whole of Brian's central line,is this the end??

My Bavarians are blazing away at the Danes,my cavalry are threatening their flank,they have to break soon!

And they did! This was a thrilling game,Brian's plan was good,but attacking a solid enemy in a village proved just too much,with the British stalled,his centre gone,and the village still not captured, Brian waved a white flag !!
Roll on Thursday night,an Ancients game vs Paul,with Brian observing !!


  1. Good looking game and is that a good old 'bounce' stick I see you using for artillery fire?

    1. Hi Stokie Steve,Yes a good old fashioned bounce stick and corresponding dice marked red,white,and blue-saves a lot of measuring etc,very simple,but effective,keep the comments coming.