Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bay Watch,painting update.

I finished my "bay" project earlier than I thought,so here are some photo's;

I have outlined the required shape of the bay in this shot,and have painted the blue onto it.

This shows the banks painted on,using a mix of brown and green poster paints,as per lake!

Some "unkindly" souls may think that this is a photo from my holidays when I was a lad! However it's not,I have put a couple of palm trees and a mountain on to the bay to see what the end effect will look like-I'm pleased!!

Same terrain pieces,different angle! Hopefully the lake and bay will give us a bit more flexibility in our games,and we can incorporate beach landings,attacks on ports etc.etc.

I wish to report that,whilst I was doing these very important "projects" my wife was busy decorating the kitchen!! Well, division of labour,equal rights,it's only fair that I make sure she's spending her time productively !! (I hope she doesn't read this)

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