Monday, 25 March 2013

Napoleonic game 24.3.13.San Juanita.

Last night's Napoleonic game was organised by Brian,and a damned good job he made of it too!
The scenario was simplistic,a French force of 9 regiments,had to capture the village of San Juanita,which was being defended by 6 British regiments-both sides had 1 gun battery which was moved at Brian's whim!!-no cavalry, however hidden in the "impassable" terrain on the British right flank was a band of "Guerillos"

The caption for this photo could be "spot the loonies competition" however it shows the opening moves,with the French vigorously attacking the village.Graham and Richard formed a father and son alliance against Paul and I who formed a sort of Steptoe and son alliance!! Graham advanced at a brisk pace with his 6 regiments,whilst Richard was a bit more tardy,advanced against my flank,did he know about the Guerillos ??

Is Brian bragging about the size of his willy in this shot ?? I think not.
As you can see the whole of our defensive line is being attacked here,Graham managed to get to the walls,and a melee took place-Paul winning!!,where's our gun battery Brian ??

The Guerillos make their appearance !! much to Richards surprise,they swooped out of their mountain lair ans smote the flank of one of his regiments,and inflicted a melee loss,however Richard threw a good dice and held them,my Guerillos,led by one "Lunatico" decided that they had done their bit and left the field!!

The French,under Graham, have pushed the 6th regiment back and have entered the village,in this shot,however paul counter-attacked and drove them back out,hurrah!!

This shows the furious attacks coming in from Graham's French,Paul has chased some of his trops away by well aimed cannister shots on the far flank-phew!! In the second picture Richard can still give a wry grin,even though he has just thrown the most atrocious run of dice throws ever recorded on a wargames table!! I was pleased,he was not. This was my "finest hour" and I counter-attacked with gusto,driving Richards troops back,even though I was outnumbered.

Paul is under alot of pressure on his flank,but kept his cool and pulled troops back,ready to find any "chink" in the French armour,a good bluff with his "no shots left " artillery had Graham worried,and stalled his attack for a move.

A good volley from Graham onto the flank of my 23rd foot forced them to retire for one move but I managed to reform them and am just waiting to return them to the fray in this shot,whilst still keeping up the pressure on Richard.Meanwhile in the village,Paul is fighting for his life,and still keeping the majority of the French from entering.

This shows Paul being photographed whilst photographing !!One of Graham's regiments has entered the village and is in the process of capturing the Church (which was the ultimate objective) however we doubted if he could actually escape intact from the village,and with most of the French in dire straits Paul and I were declared the winners.

This was a well  organised and balanced game from Brian or Big Willy as we call him now,well done and roll on Thursday,possible two games! It's great being retired !!

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