Friday, 22 March 2013

Russia 1812.Napoleonic game 21.3.13.

Last night we had another tremendous game,Paul, Brian and I,with Dave sitting in for a couple of hours as "observer"

The above photo shows the general scenario,Brian was told by me that on move number 4 a ship would appear in the harbour carrying 3 inf. regiments,as our reinforcements. (Brian was Ney,and I was Napoleon) However this was a big lie,because on move number 4 a ship would come into the harbour,but it would be carrying RUSSIAN troops! Paul,Kutuzov,was aware of this !! Oh how we laughed on move number 4 !!

This shows Brian's column,with some forward troops already in position ready to attack Kirskey,and in the background my Guards advancing onto the Russian left flank.

This is s shot of the main Russian defensive line,between Kirskey and Boldansk,a very hard nut to crack!!

The French attack begins,Brian was ordered to take the port as quickly as possible,whilst I attacked the flank with my Old Guard.

This is move number 4,the battle for Kirskey is in full swing,and the Guards have contacted the Russian Grenadiers,however the ship has arrived!!

In this shot my Cuirassiers have charged Paul's Hussars,mere boys on three legged ponies,what could go wrong? Well I was up against Paul's bloody dice throwing,that's what could,and did, go wrong!! I was beaten and driven back,exposing my flank,luckily my horse artillery was on hand to save the day.

Back at Kirskey,Brian has got into the port,been driven out of the port,and in this shot is trying to get back into the port.Brian was putting Paul's centre under considerable pressure,although he was being cannistered and shot along the whole line,this was thrilling stuff.

This shot is from the Russian side of the board,showing the fight for the port,and the centre,on the right of the picture you can see the troops leaving the ship.

Now we are in trouble!! With my Guards getting a damned good thrashing,and Brian having trouble getting into Kirskey,all we need is more Russian troops arriving!

Brian has got into the port again,but is facing the whole of the known world (and fresh troops too!) Paul's counter attack here was really well timed,and once again Brian was forced out!!

The Russians have landed and are making their way to the port,Brian,get out of there fast!!

The best move of the game is shown here! Brian ordered his Dragoons to charge a half-formed square,however as he charged he was hit by cannister,and it was a case of will he,won't he get in,morale was checked,he passed,and the square was history!! However the observant reader will have noticed a regiment of heavy Russian cavalry lurking on the dragoon's flank,this could only spell disaster !!

On the French right flank,the Guard is taking a good old beating and is on the verge of breaking,could this be the end ?

Brian's troops are in full retreat,my flank is gone,the Russian reinforcements are making their presence felt,is it time to say goodnight? I think so!

This was,by any standards, a great game,we all enjoyed it,although Brian will never trust me again after the "ship Incident" Roll on Sunday,another Napoleonic,organised by Brian.

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