Thursday, 14 March 2013

French and Indian Wars,playtest game 14.3.13.

For this morning's game,Brian and I decided to playtest my newest project.Basically we used our "normal" rules,with just a little bit of tweaking here and there,mainly musket ranges and movement.
I tried to put into the playtest as many situations as I could think of,ie. ambushes,melees,fire-fights,and lots of movement,plus a couple of "marksmen" on both sides livened the game up somewhat!!

This first photo shows a general advance to contact by both sides,the new movement certainly came as a bit of a surprise-very quick!!

These are Brian's canoes paddling swiftly across the lake trying to outflank me-however I had hidden Rangers along the shore line,who shot these brave braves to pieces!!

Fire-fights and melees going on in this shot,Brian's marksman has just shot one of my company leaders,who counted for morale but not fighting points.

Having got rid of Brian's Indians on the lake,I launched a company of Rangers across the lake and onto Brian's flank.

The Rangers have landed,and I can now mount a strong attack onto the Indian's flank.

Melee in the woods! Brian's Indians were giving me a lesson in close combat here !!

This is a shot of the whole table,showing outflanking move,melee and fire-fight on far flank.

The end!! We had a good game,showing that our "universal rules" can and do cover every period,with just a little bit of tweaking,hopefully we'll be rolling this out on Sunday.


  1. Roger's Rangers... This makes me want to get back into Wargaming more than ever, John!

    1. Chris,good to hear from you,get in touch.Do you still live in Westerhope?