Thursday, 2 May 2013

18th Century game,vs Brian 2.5.13.

For today's game I think Brian must have sent all of his gunners on an NVQ course in "how to smash the Irish"
Brian commanded a mix of English,Austrians and Danish,whilst I commanded a (Micks!!) of Irish,Bavarian and French.

This is the scenario,pretty straight forward,me defending and Brian attacking.

This shows Brian's forces before the game started.

This is the town I was defending with the Bavarian infantry,flanked by cavalry,Brian attacked immediately the game started with his "English" troops.

I have included this photo of Brian's newly painted Danish cavalry,to show what a prolific and accomplished painter he has become(puts the rest of us to shame!!)

As I stated earlier,the action started with this attack on the town,I managed to beat off the first infantry attack,but old "gung-ho" kept piling the English and then some Austrians into the fray,until he was successful-damn the man!!
In the background you can see Brian's other troops starting to advance towards my centre and flank.

This shows the hotly contested left flank of my army,my French cavalry are about to charge Brian's cavalry,whilst my infantry and gun are taking up their allotted positions.Brian's guns meanwhile are cutting swathes through the poor Irish on top of the central hill,causing them to become "jittery" to say the least!!

Brian is massing his troops for an all out assault on my centre,this was always going to be tough!!

Now here's a rare photo of Dave ,who popped in for a couple of hours,to observe the game,he is looking at a mass attack on my town by the first wave of English infantry,whilst the cavalry are about to square up on the far right flank.

Brian's attack begins to roll towards my battered line,the Irish would not stand and "retired",exposing the flank of my Bavarians and French. However I was doing ok on both flanks with my cavalry,so all was not lost - Yet!!

There is a gap between Brian's Danish and Austrian infantry caused by cannister and musket fire,however I could not take advantage of this because the Irish were just about to run.The cavalry battles on both flanks were now going against me,and the town has fallen,should I hold my hands up and surrender??

This photo shows the state of my right flank,some of the English regiments have retired,as have  my cavalry support units,things do not look good!!

The town is now in Austrian hands (hans?) and the game is lost,never mind it's the taking part that counts!!(which fool said that!!)

Once again, a great game,we put in 10 moves over 3 hours of play,what better way to fill in a Thursday morning. Roll on Sunday,hopefully there will be 4 of us,and we might be playing a Zulu game.


  1. Great game. I thought you had it under control when I left! It goes to show I should never underestimate Brians tenacity (and yes you can write that word in the book!):)

    1. Never mind Brian's tenacity,it's my "crappy" dice throwing I need to worry about!!! Bad loser,me??NOOOOOO!
      See you on Friday.