Monday, 6 May 2013

Fort Du Lac 1758. French and Indian War.

Last night saw us (Paul,Brian and I ) in the Great Lakes,fighting Indians against Rangers,with a few regular French and British infantry thrown in for good measure.

This is the scenario,Brian and I were the British and Rangers whilst Paul was the Indian and fort commander.

This shows the initial troop positions.Brian had to land his Marines under gunfire from the fort,but he had guns on the ship too-unfortunately he missed with both his shots,but Paul managed to sink a "jollyboat full of  not-so-jolly Marines.

"Hello Sailor" Brian had 4 jolly boats containing 4 figures each,but as one was sunk he only managed to land 12 figures,he proceeded to form them into column and march them away from the fort!! (we'll never know why!!)

The view from the fort,it looks like the French gunners are taking careful aim.

Nearly there! some troops are wading ashore!!While this "landing" was going on,Brian was approaching the fort with a company of Rangers c/w with a warband of "friendlies". These "friendlies" decided that they wanted whiskey and gold or they wouldn't go on. Brian was all out of whiskey and gold,and so a melee took place between the Indians and the Rangers,before they even got close to the objective-oh how we laughed!!

While Brian was struggling with keeping order in his own ranks,and deploying his Marines,Paul had sneakily paddled a warband of Indians towards the ship,with the intention of boarding it and setting fire to it !! Will Brian ever learn not to "Gloat" in previous games??
As it happens Paul succeeded in setting fire to the ship,thus denying Brian's Marines a chance of ever getting home.HOWEVER-Paul was caught on camera,actually "Gloating" over his feat-you must remember the club motto..."If you Gloat,you'll be Smote"

Oh Dear!!!

The Rangers and Indians have made contact in the woods,my task was to stop the Indians from reaching the fort and preventing the Marines from capturing it. Both Paul and I had mixed fortunes during these encounters,but we managed to hold our own for 3 or 4 moves.

The fort is eventually under siege,from Rangers (out of shot!) and the Marines,the French infantry suffered loads of casualties and this would tell later on when the Rangers actually stormed the fort.

A company of Rangers has got into the fort,the Indians have been forced away from the ramparts,thing are not looking too clever for the French!!

One of my Ranger units has got itself into a "spot of bother" in this shot,this was Paul's parting shot really,the fort had been taken and Brian was receiving reinforcements,in the form of another company of Rangers arriving by canoe,across the lake.

Reinforcements speeding across the lake,to take pressure off the Marines,these arrived just in time,but saved the day for the British and Rangers.

Another good game,lots of laughs,excitement,as well as ups and downs-great stuff.

We are going to Falkirk on Friday,playing our demo. game on Saturday,and returning on Sunday.We are all looking forward to demonstrating our rules,figures etc. and will probably have a couple of halves of beer as well!! A full report will be made.

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