Monday, 13 May 2013

Carronade,show report,2013.

I am writing this report through a mist of tears of laughter,what a fabulous week-end we all had,we laughed at almost everything ranging from the "incident" involving a group of Asian ladies and Brian's almost uncontrollable flatulence,to Paul's famous quote (after he had been "harangued" over his navigational skills) "Look,I got you to Scotland,what more do you want?"
The show itself and the Organising squad, were great,we were met with friendliness from everyone we talked to and were made welcome well done to Kenny and his hard working group.
We travelled up to Falkirk on Friday,and set up our game on Friday afternoon,played the game and enjoyed the show on Saturday,and returned home on Sunday.
The show itself was very good, a good range of games on display.a myriad of traders (all appeared busy and doing business) and with the usual mix of Loonies,Misfits,Half-wits and Ne'er-do wells.(that just about describes our club!!) Our pal Michael had driven down from Aberdeen to spend the week-end with us, and to help us out with our game.
Our game was an Ancients game based on an attack on the Antonine Wall,by a bunch of Scots,against the Roman defenders-this game was well met by the "locals" because we had set it in Falkirk, a place called Camelon (pronounced KAYMLIN) by the Falkirkians!!

I will insert some images so you can see what the show,and our game was all about.

The game set up on Friday afternoon,this left us time to explore the hotel, Travelodge, and the Pub/restaurant attached to it(fabulous food and very cheap-£10 for a three course meal can't be bad!!)

The "likely lads!!" Dave,John,Brian,Michael, and Paul,its like the Band of Brothers meet the Chuckle Brothers!!

Game on,and the Scots,commanded by Paul,Brian and Dave,surge forward to attack the Wall,defended by myself and Michael. In this shot the towers have been set on fire and the whole line of the wall is being attacked,this was good and exciting stuff,and drew alot of attention from bystanders and other groups playing beside us.

The wall has been breached, and the Scots are pouring through the gaps,the Romans held their own for a while,Michael doing particularly well with troops he had.

The Scots have launched their secret weapon-chariots!! The Romans are in desperate straits now,having sent in the second legion to try and stem the tide.

It's all over!!both Roman flanks have collapsed,and the centre is being overun,a "cracking" game,which was enjoyed,not only by us,but by everyone who was watching.

Most of the figures used were my Prince August figs,with a "smattering" of Lancashire games(Auxlilliary and Cavalry) Warrior Miniatures and Renegade (chariots)

Dave,did you know that you're starting to go bald???? This photo is very unfair,because I promised not to print it,so just all pretend you haven't seen it!!

As a foot note, we all bought something,figures, brushes,paints etc.etc.My own personal thanks to Lancashire Games (Allan) for the generous discount you gave me on my Dacian figures.
We all owe Paul a big "thank-you" for driving us up there,and we all deserve a big slap on the back,for making the week-end such a memorable one!

I just had to print this photo-Giant Ants!! What next?? (this is the game being played,it has to be said,with great enthusiasm,next to our table.) Horses for Courses and all that!!

Roll on Thusday-Zulus (maybe!)


  1. Great stuff, it was good to meet you guys. Do tell us more about the "Asian ladies" though!


    1. It was good to meet you all too,I've been told that a "Fatwa" has been issued against Brian for the "Incident",so no more can be said!!!

      John C

  2. Hope to see you gentlemen at future Carronades

    1. Most certainly,by the way who are the "gentlemen" you are refering to??

      John C