Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fort Saint George,French and Indian War 1758

This game is one we played after we had re-newed the rules for our French and Indian war figures.(for the second time!)

Dave(a rare visitor) and I commanded the Rangers and British troops including a bunch of civilians,whilst Brian and Paul took on the roll of Indian and French troops commanders.

This is the scenario we used,a bit complicated but it proved to be an exciting game.

This shot shows the overall layout of the table,with the fort and settlement in the foreground and the raft and gun at the far edge of the table.

The raft and gun,being escorted by a company of Rangers in canoes.A war band of Indians had been selected to stop them_Ha!! no chance!

Brian has thrown a warband across the river against the settlement,which was defended,not only by civilians,but also a company of British regulars.The ensuing fight saw the Indians having to be reinforced by another warband,due to a severe defeat by the defenders.Undetered,Brian threw another warband in for good measure,and sent the defenders fleeing for their lives!!

While Brian's attack was going on,Paul had sent his warband in canoes,against the Rangers in canoes,a melee ensued which the Indians lost,meanwhile the raft an escort rowed away furiously!! Will they make it to the ford??

NO!!!! Paul had cunningly placed a warband on the Lake edge,and shot the raft,escort and gun to pieces!

It has to be said that Dave's defence of the fort was "inadequate" hence the milling Indians slaughtering the hapless defenders,consisting of Rangers,Regulars and Civilians.with the French regulars looking on in dis-belief!! Settlement lost,fort lost,will the Rangers be able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat??

A disgraceful display of "gloating" if ever I saw one-they'll be sorry!!

I have managed to retake the settlement with 2 companies of Rangers,and Dave had reformed the previous defenders into a firing line,and is giving the Indians "what for" in this photo.However the warbands are gathering in ever increasing numbers and might just assail us.

As suspected,we are being assailed!!My rangers are in the settlement and ok,but out in the open field the Indian warbands are running amok!

This shows the view from the settlement,over to the now occupied fort,whilst to the right my Rangers are "retiring" out of harm's way,I think we have lost !!

YES!! there go the Rangers (well, some of them,the one's with hair!!)

This was a good game,played with a lot of laughs and rude banter,however Dave and I did have the last laugh when I managed to kill the Indian warband leader sent foolishly against me,hence the following rare photo of yours truly and Dave.

Well I hope we will all be together next week ( apart from Graham ,who is still mouse hunting in America) and probably play a Napoleonic game.

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