Thursday, 30 May 2013

Rome vs Spain. Ancients game 30.5.13.

This morning Brian and I had a most memorable game,the figures looked good,the scenario was good,and the terrain looked good,in fact the only thing that didn't look good was us!!

This is the scenario,and initial dispositions of the armies.Astute readers will know that this is the terrain for the battle of Vimiero 1808,which we will be playing on Sunday!

This shows the general layout of the table,with the Romans on the left and Spaniards on the right.

We both made a battle plan,and Brian,who commanded the Spanish,decided to amalgamate his cavalry and take on my cavalry @ 2:1 on the right flank of the legions,I, being psychic,or something,had decided to march my rear rank auxilliaries over the river to protect my legion!

Both armies advance towards each other on the Roman right flank,I have occupied the village,why? a good question!! In the background you can see the skirmishers taking shots at each other and doing very little damage,while the far flank cavalry are advancing into charge range.

Look at those lovely,straight Roman lines! Brian is just about to make a horrible mess of them,by moving his heavy infantry against them,so far the cavalry are not engaged.

The Spanish have come down the hill and attacked my auxilliary infantry,ups and downs followed,with Brian having initial success,then it was my turn,well placed commanders and support units were really telling for the next few moves,it was always going to be touch and go!!

All hell breaks loose on the Legion's flank,Brian has charged my auxilliaries before they could form up properly,whilst at the same time,charging my cavalry,this was tense stuff,if only I could get more troops involved I could give a good account of myself!!

In the centre,the two lines of infantry clash! I have thrown my pila,and disordered Brian's troops,but they were so wound up it didn't seem to matter,and he won a couple of the ensuing melees,however in the background my cavalry was doing great stuff,pushing Brian's cavalry back,and , seemingly, winning the flank!(just how the Gods of Fortune can play tricks with me,I don't know-must have done something very wrong in a previous life !!)

The auxilliary infantry are being pushed back! I even had to throw in a cohort of archers to try and stem the tide of the Spanish advance;this actually worked and I started to gain the upper hand,until,once again,the Gods of Fortune etc.etc.!!

Ah,success,of sorts,Brian's cavalry are being pushed back,eventually,by my aux. infantry,sent over the river for that purpose,however in the background the Legion is being "hard pressed"
Brian managed to beat one unit of my cavalry,and he turned them onto my left flank,the cohort there didn't like it when he charged them!!

Meanwhile,on the Roman right flank,the auxilliary units are being out-fought ( that's another way of saying slaughtered!!) and in the centre my legion is being harrassed by the bloody cavalry!!
Is this the end??

Number one cohort is seen here "entertaining" two warbands of wild hill tribesmen,and although I was pushing Brian's heavies back,you can see the Spanish cavalry,who have already got rid of one cohort,threatening to charge another!!

Consolation photo!! My auxilliaries are daring Brian's spent cavalry to come forward onto their spears! By this time the game was over and the victorious Spanish went home to drink some of their lovely red wine an eat some of their lovely paella ( not quite sure about that spelling-but you get the drift!!)

Tonight,Paul and Brian and I will set up the figures for Sunday's game,so roll on Sunday!!

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