Monday, 17 June 2013

Falkirk Show

Press Complaints Commission

I am led to believe that there has been some adverse comments via the Press Complaints Commission regarding the publication of certain photographs which are causing domestic grief amongst the membership of the group.

For the record, non of the pictures were taken with long lens cameras, via satellite or images from drones ( although some present were droning on by the end of the night!).

The said persons are under no obligation to compensate (bribe) the reporter involved in the publication of such celebrity paparazzi snaps in order to cease being revealed............

 but it would help!!

Michael looking very pleased with himself ...............

captions please?
 OOOH! so this is what it feels like being away from the wife!!!!!!

Here John, our resident diarist, is compiling notes of infamous quotations and anecdotes which he assures us will be used in evidence one day.
Is Brian looking nervous?

The gloating twins Dave & Brian
Brian showing us all how to gloat correctly...   a definite triumphal pose

Finally , thanks to Dave's eagle eye for a bargain on E Bay I managed to buy this and another based Austrian 7YW battery for the princely sum of £13

Oh and did I mention recompense??

More back issue pics of games later this week .........


  1. My lawyers will be contacting you shortly....

  2. I'll take the 5th....

    Or publish and be damned
    Ha ha

  3. As a Scottish Mel Gibson would say ............