Monday, 10 June 2013


Because Brian and Paul were unavailable on Sunday,and I had set up a rather large English Civil War game,we didn't have a game.I have decided to roll over the game for next Sunday,when,all being well,we should have a full complement of troops.
I will still print the photo's I have already taken of the board,below.....

This shows the general layout,with the Parliamentarians on the left and the Royalists on the right.

The Parliamentarian line,infantry,guns and cavalry.

The Royalists,in all their glory,infantry,guns and cavalry.

The centre-piece Hamlet,bought for £2.50 at a charity shop-don't ever call me mean!!

Richard very kindly bought this sign and donated it to the club (he actually had it made especially for us)

It just says it all!! Beware Brian and Paul !!!

A final shot of my ever-increasing Dacians,5 warbands down and 5 to go.

 well,roll on next Sunday!

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