Thursday, 6 June 2013

Germans vs Gauls.40AD Ancients battle.

Before you read the blog,give a thought to all the brave soldiers who took part in the D-day landings,thanks.

This morning Brian and I had a good game,based on a German invasion of Gaul,Brian commanded the Germans and I the Gauls.

This was the objective of the game,a Gallic chieftain's homestead,it looks quite tranquil !!

This shot shows the area which was to be contested,Brian had opted to "hide" some German troops in the woods,and bring them out when he decided the time was right.

This photo shows the overall layout of the table,with the Gauls entering on the left and the Germans on the right,with my "hearth" troops placed beside the homestead.

My initial attack by some of my cavalry,caught Brian in the act of trying to form up,I charged his leading column,whilst driving off his skirmishers with my chariots.

Brian is putting his warbands into a fighting line,whilst I have done the same,the melee continues at the river bank.

The whole line has advanced and multiple melees are taking place,I have been beaten at the river bank,and my cavalry have been forced back.On the far flank,Brian tried to outflank me and I was forced to divert my cavalry to meet him.In the centre the Germans are getting the better of me,but Brian has sprung his ambush on the homestead hill,and is putting me in alot of trouble.

The "ambush",Brian is charging downhill at me and so he gets the advantage in the melee,and drove me back for a while,however I did manage a couple of good dice throws,which stemmed the tide for a while.

The Germans are cutting into my centre,and my Gauls are being severely man-handled (am I allowed to say that??) although my cavalry are winning on the left flank.

I am gaining a bit of ground in the left centre,however my main line has been shattered.On the far hill I am victorious,but Brian has moved some infantry warbands onto my flank,this looks bad!!

The end!! my non-existent centre,with the Suebi rampaging around and mopping up any resistance!!
Because I had won both flanks,and the homestead still hadn't been taken,Brian agreed that the game was a draw (what a nice chap he is!!)

We won't be playing tonight,so roll on Sunday,it should be full complement (Graham's back from mouse hunting in Florida !) probably an English Civil War.

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