Friday, 14 June 2013

Pictures of previous games, painting etc

Thought I'd post a selection of some of the photos that I had taken in the past.

Looking forward to the Civil War game on Sunday. We'll be deciding sides by picking cards .... very random and John has as usual produced a teaser of a scenario. If you look at the set up , choose one of the four commands, two either side of the stream per side ....... then put yourself in the mind of Fairfax or the King

We'll see whos plan reigns supreme at the end!

Will it be a glorious revolution or a smitten rebelion. Not long to find out.

Anyway, enough of future plans

The past pictures:

The fantastic Prince August 7YW

The £30 Army

Hasn't he weathered well? 

OH dear !  Dave may be more careful next time he flags a passing taxi.

A well earned R&R with great company after the tremendous Falkirk show 2013

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  1. Brian we look like twins!....I am the better looking one of course....:)