Monday, 24 June 2013

Marlburian game 23.6.13.

Last night we had,once again a full complement of six players!!
The game I had chosen saw everyone who played,have an independent command,independent battle plan and objective,and it proved to be a real tussle.

This was the map with the general dispositions shown,the scenario was in the objectives set,and were basically to beat their opponent and if possible take their high ground.

This is the table layout,with the Spanish and North African troops on the left background,commanded by Graham,with the British commanded by Brian in the foreground.Richards troops are out of picture on the right (Bavarians) and Paul's French are shown in the background on the left too.

These are Richard's Bavarians,this was the first time he had commanded independently etc. etc. and he made a good job of it overall,although he did take a "bloody nose" in the first few moves!!

Have you ever seen such industry? Moving sticks and pens flashing like there's no tomorrow!!

Richard's Bavarians are on the move,towards the small Hamlet,and onto the high ground-Brian is moving his British to meet this threat.The Bavarians were fired on whilst still in column,and took fearful casualties,forcing them to retire-first blood to the British!!

On the far flank,Paul and Graham get stuck in! The fire-fight on this flank did not go well for Graham,and his first line had to retire,however he had ordered his second line,backed up by cavalry,into the fray,and the fight continued right up to the end of the game!!

Richard has calmed his troops down in this shot,and is trading blows with the British,a large cavalry force is descending on the centre,from both French and Spanish-this is going to be exciting!

Yes,here it comes-the inevitable cavalry clash! Initially Paul was pushed back,but a well placed second line gave him the advantage in the subsequent moves,and the Spanish were beaten eventually,but not before they audaciously and successfully charged the "stranded" Bavarian infantry regiment you can see in this photo!

With the Bavarians in all kinds of dis-array,and the cavalry battle swinging in the French direction,it was going to be touch and go as to who was going to win this game.

Silence descended on the garage,whilst the players wrote their last orders (we're not in a pub are we?) By the way,nice pose Dave!!

Graham's cavalry are on the back foot and his infantry are "knackered",but Brian has defeated the Bavarians and is about to take their high ground,so a draw was declared!!

This was a good game,which threw up some good points of discussion,and, I assume, was enjoyed by all,it was certainly good to watch as a referee (one of two for this game,as Dave was the other)

The three musketeers will probably play on Thursday,and then on next Sunday,Michael is coming down from Aberdeen for a visit and game.

Final photograph,showing Spanish being "smote" by the French!!

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  1. Hello. I like your Regiment in Aurore, (picture 6) with the flag of the Crussol French Regiment (D'Antin). Are the uniform colours speculative, aurore with green facings, or are they based on an early incarnation of the Regiment?